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Hello & Welcome! My name is Neil and I am a Sound Healer

I have formerly trained as a Mechanical Engineer with a wide breadth and depth of training in an array of healing arts including Reiki, Energy Medicines, EFT and Body Work. I have journeyed shamanically, employ regular yogic and meditative practice and have an on-going desire to work with sound and light as a means to re-align people to their higher self. I am a spiritual seeker who shares as a means to inspire others to re-awaken and illuminate themselves. Since first learning and practising Transcendental Meditation 20 years ago I have been excited to connect with different energies and states of consciousness as a means to bring myself and others back to the core and source of ourselves.

I am fascinated by all vibrational medicines including foods, herbs, crystals, flower remedies and any thing else that bring back the body, the person and the soul to vital health and well being. I particularly enjoy:

Australian Bush Flower Essences / Indigo Herbs / Ainsworths Remedies

A Sound Healer works by listening and sounding intuitively in order  to restore balance and harmony  by clearing, energising and circulating chi or prana in the holistic structures of the body . I have come to understand the importance of restoring the shapes and forms of the energetic body through the application sacred sounds. This can be understood more clearly when considering meditation manadalas such as the Sri Yantra and the Flower of Life (Interference Pattern) geometries (see below) that are visual representations of sound and light vibrations. You can start healing now by meditating on these forms!

basic sri yantra centre Flower Of Life Open 2Metatrons Cube

I completed my training with College of Sound Healing and am a listed practitioner under Hampshire area. This listing includes registration requirements for insurance, first aid proficiency and on-going professional development. I have also trained to Reiki Master, an EFT practitioner and has also spent extensive time in Dojos, Gyms, Kitchens and Sacred & Ceremonial spaces learning about all things healing and healthful.