Sound Healing sessions can take  a number of forms and will be tailored to individual needs and intuitively guided. In general, the session will begin with a short discussion to get an understanding of present circumstance followed by the actual treatment. Treatments are performed in a consciously held space and employ the use of vocal chanting and toning with the supporting use of instruments such as tuning forks, singing bowls, didgeridoo and more.

Sounding techniques used include Fundamental Vowel Toning, Musical Intervals, Indian Scale and Bija Mantra. Overtoning is used to support and amplify the effects of all above methods.

Sound Healing is highly beneficial for a wide array of physical, emotional and mental issues whilst also being helpful spiritually. Physically, sounding can be considered as a type of sonic massage, where by the vibrations act on the body to allow re-alignment. Actions and physical effects can be compared to cranio-sacral treatment with the sound gently adjusting and re-harmonising the body and allowing well being to return to whole and holistic  self. Energetically, sacred sound frequencies work on the aura, the chakras and nervous system to relieve stuck energies resulting in deep states of relaxation and soothing the body and mind.

For a more in depth review of Sound Healing, read this article by by Simon Heather
The Healing Power of Sound

Sessions are done on a home visiting basis however treatment spaces can be organised if more convenient or preferred. I can arrange a treatment spaces in West London Area with advanced planning.

Skype & Remote Sessions are also available on request.

Sessions fees are based on an hourly rate of £50 per hour. Standard sessions are approximately 1 hour.

Additional fees may be applied for travel, treatment space rental or extended sessions. These will be clearly defined and agreed in advance of sessions.